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for your own commercial / personal projects

What is the AtomX?

AtomX – is a multi-extension for handy viewing and applying the templates, footages, and other elements directly in Adobe applications.

Also AtomX is not only a simple extension for applications – it is the platform that includes: admin center, can get analytics data, purchase verification, internal market, a lot of options for applications, and other features.

The AtomX is supported the following applications:
After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Why do you need AtomX?

  • If you need a handy panel for viewing & applying your items (for After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc…)
  • If you have a lot of items inside the project
  • If you want to attract much more attention to your project from customers
  • If you want to improve your project (with time-markers, auto-resizing, apply in one click)
  • If you want to get protection from pirates (thanks purchase verification)
  • If you want to grow as an individual business (personal market inside, integration for your website)
  • If you have big plans for the future

After Effects


  • After Effects Projects (.aep) – any compositions
  • Footages (sound fx, videos & images).
  • Text Presets

Method to apply:

  • Button click


  1. Markers for time control (click to read more)
  2. Auto-sizing for compositions (click to read more)
  3. Customizer (click to read more)

And many more options (follow for the cursor, duplicating of comps, layer sets and etc…)

Premiere Pro


  • Premiere Pro Projects (.prproj) – transitions/any sequences
  • .MOGRT Files (Motion Graphics Templates exported for AE/PR)
  • Footages (sound fx, videos & images).

Method to apply:

  • Drag and drop
  • Double-click


  1. Auto-sizing for sequences/mogrts (click to read more)
  2. Customizer – only for MOGRTs (click to read more)

And many more options (applying items with multi-tracks – transitions, timing offsets, etc…)


No Pirates

Activation of the packages

To install a new premium package: your customer should enter the purchase code obtained from the market (see integrations).

Available the integrations:

  • VideoHive Purchase Codes (if you sell on VideoHive)
  • Gumroad License Key (if you sell on Gumroad)
  • WooCommerce for WordPress (if you sell on a personal website)
  • Custom Codes (you can generate own codes via Atom Admin-Panel).

We can add your own service to generate and check purchase codes (available from plans: Enterprise & Special). We are constantly updating our protection.
Read more about activation is here.

AtomX Market

Internal market and notifications

Your packages will be added to AtomX Market (market inside the extension).
When new release/or update: all users of the AtomX get a notification about it.

In the market: users can watch videos of items, can see which software is used, try free (if available), or buy items.

Features for tariffs: with Enterprise & Special you will get individual market only with your items and notifications for your customers (Notifications and items from other authors will be disabled, for other tariffs – this market is global for all by default).
With the individual market, you also can sell the templates, scripts, and other items (can add sections inside).
The market is synchronized with our API Server – more about the market is here.


AtomX Customizer

Customize scenes directly in the extension

Users can use the customizer to change colors, sliders, checkboxes, and other settings and also edit text layers directly from the AtomX.

Now edit your templates more easily and faster – your customers will appreciate it!

Read more info about the customizer is here.



Image for the header / the special links

Add your author style for the panel:

  • Add a custom image for the header
  • Set author name and package name
  • Set link on your portfolio (website) and any action in the package

Read more info about stylization is here.

Admin Center

Statistics / Compilation / Control

AtomX synchronized with our servers and you can control packages / get statistics / to generate activation codes / change the internal market and other actions via Admin Center (using your browser).

Click here to get more information about the Admin Center.

fullSupport 1

Full support at any time

Knowledge base / Fixes / Improvements

Using the AtomX – you get full support 24/7 for all your customers, bug fixes, and constant improvements.

For your customers:

For developers:

Choose the plan


And become our partner!

The percentage of the sale is only from your net income.
Example: project cost in market = 39$, market payout 70% = (39 / 100) * 70 = 27.3$ your net income.
Our system (Atom Admin Panel) calculates your percent to pay automatically. You get all statistics about it.






of each sale

  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • Place in the store
  • Analytics
  • Special Label on Market
  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • Individual internal market
  • Special Conditions
  • Custom Options
  • Analytics
  • Special Label on Market
  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support



Discussed price

Choose it if you want to create a really big & expandable business with our extension.

All bonuses from Enterprise and much more.

Also, we can create a special extension (CEP panel) / or add a custom design of the panel for your projects (support is charged separately) on the core of AtomX.

Ready to join?

Email us if you have any questions or are ready to join us.