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and use the Atom Panel in your commercial projects

What is Atom?

It is the extension for After Effects (CC15.3 and above) for most handy watch preview, apply and edit templates/or presets.
Atom created special for commercial usage – Just pack your templates to use via Atom! 
Application – is free. Package – can be free or premium.

Use the extension for:

  • If you need handy panel to watch/apply/edit your templates in After Effects
  • If you have a very large project and it is inconvenient to use and view items
  • You want more attention and approval from customers
  • You are smart and looking to the future


Atom Market and notifications

Your package getting the great boost to up sales.
Why? Very simple!

The package will be added on Atom Market (market inside the extension) and on our website (section of the packages).
When your package is released – all Atom users will see a notification about it.
In market can watch video of package/read the description, try free (if available) or buy premium version.

How it works? Our website linked with the extension and can exchange data via the internet at any time.

no pirates

No Pirates

Purchase verification via API

To install a new premium package – you must enter the purchase code. Provides protection from pirates using API.
Envato API included (to sell on VideoHive), but we can add any your service to check purchase (or no use this option).

stylization extension header


Create your style

Add your author style for the panel:

  • Add custom image for header
  • Set author name and package name
  • Set link on your portfolio (website) and any action in package
atom customizer


Customize directly in the extension

Using the extension users can customize colors/any your settings from the layer (effect controls) and also edit text layers.

Add the convenience to edit your templates in After Effects!

Fully Customizable Package

Flexibility and Simplicity

Package structure used JSON syntax. In preview uses .GIF / .PNG for placeholders.
Well structured hierarchy of the items.

  • Easy to create multi-level menu (One, two, or three level)
  • Customize global settings for package (Auto-resize, Auto FPS, Enable Customizer, and etc)
  • Customize settings/reset global settings for each item (your composition inside template – will shows in preview)

You can customize each item of package (optional):

  • Add layer settings (Collapse/3D/Motion Blur/Adjustment)
  • Select type of time-remapping (Simple/IN & OUT/etc)
  • Change path for the Preview/AE template

Free Helper Application

Script for After Effects (.jsxbin)

We provide an application for free to help you prepare of your project and create the package for the Atom.

Atom Helper Toolkit can help you:

  • Create auto-resizing compositions
  • Add special marks in your project (to linking with the extension)
  • Generate structure of your package (JSON)
statistics analyze it


Useful data for Analytics

You will have complete statistics about:

  • How many times have downloaded your packages (Free/Premium)
  • Clicks from the extension (to your portfolio page, vote the project)
  • Most popular packages
full support 1

Full Support

Knowledge base / Help / Tutorials

We provide full support for the extension.
Bug fixes and support 24/7 for customers.
Also we have video tutorials, help materials by working with the extension and packages.

We help create your first package, send you documentation and video materials – how do it.

Choose the plan


You have should be great package (more 100+ elements) with high quality to use the Atom.

Percent of sale - from only your net income.






of each sale

  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • Free Promotion
  • Analytics
  • Special Label on Market
  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • Special Conditions
  • Custom Options
  • Free Promotion
  • Analytics
  • Special Label on Market
  • API Verification
  • Custom Stylization
  • 24/7 Support






of each sale

  • We can create a special extension (CEP panel) for your projects (support is charged separately).
  • You can use Atom without fees under special conditions (support is charged separately).
    Pay once – get unlimited use.

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