Atom 2.0

- The Most Powerful & Handy Extension -
for After Effects CC15.3 and above!

Atom is the quality projectsmost handynext level of speed


Use for After Effects templates, text presets and other


Increase quality of projects with the extension


Use already included elements and templates!

Boost Speed

Create your video content in few clicks!

new packages

Just download and install new package to use.

Text Presets

by aniom

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Why is Atom

Use our panel for your content (templates, presets, sounds fx and etc…)

  • Free updates and promoting
  • Support 24/7, Video Tutorials and Help Center
  • Improve your content and increasing of sales
  • Protect your content from pirates (API Protection)

What You Get

Using the extension you add comfort for customers and increase your sales.
Very easily to create your own package for Atom and sell it!

I was creating the extension with love, attention to each setting option, optimization of code and useful functions to upgrade your projects quality and boost speed of work.

– aniom (Developer)

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