Become a Partner? For What?

Use our extension Atom in the own projects on VideoHive.

Create custom package and earn more with extension!

What is?

Atom is shell (panel for After Effects – named as extension) – to works with extension need install package (many different packages and engines).

We give you the opportunity to use it in your projects on VideoHive – create your own package and sell it with extension.
You can earn more money with extension – it’s faster and handy for users.

Live Preview

Live Preview items and apply in one click!
PNG (for image) and GIF (for preview)

API Protection

Say no to free shares and pirates!

Your project will protected with Envato API (VideoHive -> Settings -> API keys).
Detail information about activation product – here.



Easily to add groups and new items in package.

User Support

Full support and detailed information about extension!

Responsive Interface

Full-customizable interface for user!

Change thumbnail size, groups, dockable panel and change width/height.
Favorites & Fast Search to comforted work.

Notification & Updates

Quick reaction from extension users.
Users will notified about updates & new packages.

Extension connected with our site to get data.


Engines – it’s type of packages.

First package works only with Text Animation Presets.
For extension will created new packages for any solution.

To Apply: Text Presets, Compositions, FFX, Sounds FX, etc…

Contract Terms

You have should be new & big project with high quality to get connect.

We get:

  1. 200$ once to collect files and create package for your project.
  2. ~15% per each sale of your project on VideoHive Market.

You get:

  1. The extension high quality with full support and base of information
  2. Improve your content & big thanks from customers
  3. Grow of your earnings (up 70%) for quality and handy shell (extension for After Effects)
  4. The protection your project from pirates on VideoHive Market (need purchase code to activate the package via Envato API).

Other conditions are discussed separately.
Also you can sell project on other marketplaces – conditions are discussed by email.

Low Commissions

200$ once
~15% per sale

Earn more

Grow of your earnings (up 70%) for quality and handy shell

Connect to the Atom

Please read Contract Terms (above).
Also you can contact via VK (for Russian) – click here.

Acceptance of applications for connection from 1’st February.

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